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Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Teens – MyCharge Chargers Are A Hit

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Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Teens - MyCharge Chargers Are A Hit

I have 3 boys ages 9, 19 and 26. Let me tell you about the older boys and gifts…MyCharge portable chargers are a hit! When I was sent my first MyCharge charger our oldest was over for dinner and he spotted it getting excited I had a MyCharge. He knew exactly about the brand and I knew it was a hit and filed it in the back of my mind for gift ideas.

Here are 2 chargers I will feature for you. I recently shared about the MyCharge HubXtra and you can read about the HubXtra HERE! Read about the MyCharge RAZOR HERE!

These two I am featuring are the MyCharge AdventureMax and MyCharge Amp-ProngPlus portable chargers. Both are about the same size and weight. Both has the USB end for your charging cord you will need to connect from the charger to device. Both are portable and both will charge 2 devices at once. But there are some differences….

The MyCharge AdventureMax is a must for the rugged, outdoor type. It is built to be rugged. It boosts 10500mAh of power and 2 USB ports. It extends the life of your tablet, smartphone, bluetooth speaker or another USB device up to six times on full charge. In the box includes the charger, recharge cable, Carbiner clip and quick start guide.

Add this one to the basket for your Boy or Girl Scout, Skier and Outdoor Adventurous teen! Also available on Amazon!

Below is the MyCharge Amp-PronPlus. This charger is the ultimate powerbank for charging two devices simultaneously. It has a 2.4A output that will charge tablets and smartphones up to 65% faster than other powerbanks. Also has collapsible wall prongs and operates like a standard USB wall charger for your phone, tablet, or other USB devices. Pass-through charging technology prioritizes the charge to your smartphone or other USB devices, and then chargers the AmpProng+ itself.

This is great for the teen that has multiple devices being used frequently! Also available on Amazon!

These will be a hit in the baskets for sure! They will definitely get used and especially for traveling. I always take my MyCharge portable chargers on vacation with me when I ill be out all day taking photos and navigating where I wear my phone battery frequently.

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Stow-N-Go Portable Luggage System Makes Packing Much easier

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We love to travel and my husband also travels a lot for work. I remember being a new traveler and I would overpack and have ‘options’ so I needed such a large suitcase. I would pack extra-extras for the boys and we were loaded down. Over the years we have become the “4 days-then we only need 2 shorts” realistic packers. The only dilemma I can never overcome is organization and keeping clothes folded neatly especially with my husband and his slacks and dress tops he packs for work travel. Whether you pack to travel long distance or are perhaps a student coming back and forth from home frequently, the Stow-N-Go Portable Luggage System is a packing game changer.

To pack you unzip the unit and hang with the attached hooks. Now you fold your clothing and neatly organize in the 3 tier system. You can keep little items up top like belts and socks and then shirts in the middle and pants below or however you wish to organize your items. Then you just pull the sides back up from the bottom (that is also a laundry storage when hanging) and drop down until the zippers reach and close it up. Then drop it in your suitcase. In plane rides or stuffed cars, nothing is going to shift in the suitcase the way you packed it.

Once at your destination, pull it from your suitcase and unzip. Find those 2 hooks and open the system up. As it drops down revealing the 3 ‘shelves’ your items are neatly folded still and have a place until you are ready to change clothes.

I love that you can see it all as opposed to rifling through a suitcase or hotel drawer. It is folded and stacked at eye level. I can fit 2 pairs of my husbands shoes plus his clothes and smaller items and for me, I can get 2 pairs of tennis shoes and some flip flops along with my clothes and small items. It holds a few days worth of clothes easily especially if you fold them well.

Find the Stow-N-Go Portable Luggage System available on their website and also find it at Bed Bath and Beyond and real soon you can find it on Amazon!

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Hiking With Kids – 4 Useful Tips

Hiking with kids is a lot different than a hike intended for the grown folks. Kids have shorter legs, shorter attention spans (in some cases), and they tire easier than their larger counterparts. So, hiking with kids is more about the journey than the destination; it should be fun for them. Hiking with your children is a great opportunity to create some quality family time and enjoy nature.

4 Tips for Hiking with Kids

Understand Kids’ Limits

Hiking with younger ones means toning it way down. They have different needs than adults and much shorter legs. Consider the pace of the hike and the amount of time you’ll spend on the trail. Some trails have short loops that are great for kids.

Make the Hike Fun

Children are not as easily satisfied by the solitude and silence of nature as adults can be, so it’s important to emphasize the fun aspects of hiking. In addition to playing games or creating scavenger hunts, geocaching is a particularly good way to keep them engaged. You can also rename the activity to something more fun than hiking like adventure, expedition, treasure hunt or safari. Something else that can enhance the experience is allowing the kids to bring friends along for the hike.

Ensure Safety

A successful kids hike is a safe one. One thing to make sure of is to dress your kids in some quality hiking clothes. You can find what you need from a trusted outfitter like Carhartt. Make sure you have a first aid kit, bug spray, extra socks, a change of clothes, extra rations, and don’t forget the wipes. Kids get really, dirty really fast. You can implement a buddy system and give them whistles. Create a signal that will let everyone know if someone gets separated from the group. This will create some peace of mind for you, and the kids will feel empowered.

Create the Optimum Hike

It’s best to go out early when they’re not tired or distracted. If you can wear them out on the trail, they might be more inclined to go home and take an afternoon nap and give you a break. Take plenty of food and water. Kids (and adults) get hungry, and snacks can prevent everyone from getting “hangry.” Bring some trail maps for the kids and make sure everyone’s on the same page about where you’re headed. It helps to find trails with interesting features like waterfalls, caves, or overlooks. Kids will appreciate those little extras.

Now you and the kids are ready to go find some buried treasure or discover a new species of bug. Happy hiking!

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Spring Outside Decor Ideas from Flagology

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Flagology outside decor

flag 1

I have been so busy spring cleaning the inside of our home the past few weeks. I want to get organized inside because the weather should soon begin to warm up and I can focus on the outside. From summer yard work and gardening to getting the new RV ready for summer camping, I can’t wait for the season to change so I can implement some spring outside decor ideas from Flagology.

flag 2

Whether you like decor for the porch, garden or even the travel trailer, Flagology has a wide variety of personalized flags and doormats to add a little extra special touch to the outside this year. They even have flags for every season and holiday so you can easily change the decor depending on the time of the year.

flag collage

We just upgraded to a new toy hauler with room for the growing boys inside. To personalize the RV makes it that much more special. We had a lot of great memories in our other RV from camping to riding ATV’s in the dunes. I know we will create as many in the new one.

flag 3

I even ordered a flag window holder when I personalized my flag from the Flagology website. I had a choice between the ground stake or window and I liked the window idea for our camping spots. Need an Easter flag for display during your egg hunt or want to get a flag for your 4th of July festivities ordered? You’ll find some great designs and you can order one-sided or 2-sided printing.

image source: Flagology Blog

They will even personalize with you and your pets. How fun!

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DEET-FREE BugBand keeps insects away

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Just last week I sat at my son’s soccer practice at 5pm and the moment I sat down in my folding chair on the grass to watch, I had these tiny gnats crawling on my arm and my Starbucks cup. I spent the entire 1 1/2 hours flicking them off of me constantly. I had yet to encounter these little pests this season so I was not prepared. All I could think about was the fact that I have BugBand products that I know are safe and could have easily shared wipes with the other parents, but they were at home. After practice when I finally got home, I threw those wipes in his soccer bag. I took the bracelets and put in the RV pile to get in there the next time we camp. Wipes for sport games and bands for camping weekends and I won’t be bothered anymore. I do intend to pick up more BugBand wipes as I saw they are at my local Target store so I also have wipes in the RV along with the bracelets.

The active ingredient in BugBand products is Geraniol, it is naturally derived. It is proven effective in repelling many insects such as mosquitos, house flies, stable flies, horn flies, cockroaches, fire ants, fleas, gnats, dog ticks, lone star ticks and no-see-ums. It does the same thing DEET does only this is natural, not a harsh chemical. BugBand is even safe for babies and pets! No more rock-paper-scissors on who will sit away from the DEET product with baby so the others can get protected and lessen the insect bites. 

With BugBand products you get a choice in strengths so you get the right protection depending on your activity. BugBand is a part of the ‘be prepared’ brand products and is officially licensed by the Boy Scouts of America. Really, you can throw that harsh product you have always cautiously used and keep BugBand on hand without the worry. They are at many retailers and in the retailer near me, I found them on a aisle peg near lotions.

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Chefcoo 8-Piece Kitchen Gadget Set for Small Spaces

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Summer Fun Gift Guide Feature
We purchased a toy hauler last month and plan to do a lot of weekend getaways with the boys. I am a new RV owner and so I am on the hunt for gadgets and supplies that I need to use, but I only have so much space. I only have three kitchen drawers and that is RV-sized drawers so gadgets like this utensil set form Chefcoo makes the perfect item for my RV kitchen. The video below shows just how great this set is for small spaces such as RV’s and dorm rooms.
About Chefcoo 8-Piece Kitchen Gadget Set
  • Round stand rotates for easy access
  • 100% food grade nontoxic stainless steel
  • Anti-dust
  • Ergonomic, curved handles on utensils
  • Easy to clean-non stick material
  • Heat Resistant and cools quickly and safely
Learn more and grab a set for your camping or dorm and small apartment needs. Makes a great gift for the avid camper or college student! Visit