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About Me-3SonsHaveI 2013

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My name is Erinn Sluka and I live near Seattle, Wa. I am a Wife, Mom & Blogger. I stay home while my husband works full time as a Regional Manager for a major Auto retailer. I have 3 sons. Alan is 21 and lives out of the home, but not too far from us. He is our car geek! The middle son is Travis and is 15. I month and he will be driving-Watch the roads! He is our athletic child. Our youngest is 5 and started Kindergarten this year. He has the wildest imagination and can be seen running errands around town with me dressed up as a Superhero and carrying some “weapon(toy)” just in case we run into trouble as he puts it! The older 2 are my step-sons and the youngest is our Biological son.

Our Interests
  • Quading
  • Camping
  • Traveling/Road trips around the state
  • Ferry Rides to the city
  • Roaming new towns by visiting Fairs/Festivals
  • We are huge Seattle Seahawks fans and Sounders Fans
My past 36 years-In a Nutshell
  • Born and raised in the Ca. Bay Area
  • Had Catholic Education until the 9th grade
  • Attended college and kept changing my mind on career choices-graduated with AA&S degree
  • My entire family/siblings live within 80 miles of each other as well as my Husband’s family
  • Spent 6 years as a Domestic Violence Victim (only mention that because my blog supports the cause and I had to make a choice of how to cope and I look at that experience as a gift to learn to be a better friend and human being)
  • I ice skated for many years in my childhood
  • I worked many years in Cardiology as a Surgery Scheduler until we moved this past summer due to my husband’s relocation
  • I love country music
  • Writing is my release-I write better than I talk to people!
  • I have been blogging almost 2 years now
  • I married my best friend in 2006

5 Facts About a Blogger
Lessons Learned 9 years later #DomesticViolenceAwareness

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