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A Dream Come True For Retirees

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Guest Post

Alzheimer’s Disease, well I’ll just say it, sucks. My grandmother suffered from the disease for a decade before she passed away recently. And while it’s tough to see such a tough lady have to go through such a bad affliction, I think it was even worse to watch all of those around her have to deal with it too. Especially my mother who was constantly trying to keep it all together as the only child.
Well, now that my grandmother has moved onto a better place there are no longer any shackles to keep my parents down on Florida. So they’ve recently been considering communities that they can retire in. And in their search for a community in which they can remain very active they also want a turn key operation where they don’t have to do everything. Kolter Homes offers this type of community.
Atlanta’s Lake Lanier
Rec Rooms, Pools, Scenic Activities

After searching high and low they’ve found a pretty spectacular place near the Atlanta Georgia area called Cresswind. The place is on Lake Lanier which is apparently a big deal, which is understandable because the lake is incredible. There’s a thousand activities and after talking to some of the residents they seem to be sold. As a son I have to say it’s nice that they’ve found a place that they love but also nice that they’ll be so close, as my wife and I live in Atlanta.
Disclosure: This was a Guest Post on a topic I feel is important. Courtesy of Blogsvertise.
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