5 Excellent Benefits of Breastfeeding

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benefits of breastfeeding
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The decision to breastfeed your baby is more of a personal choice rather than a must-have. I chose not to breastfeed my son for a few reasons. But there are some benefits that come with breastfeeding shouldn’t be overlooked. I like to share these so you have all the information you need when making this difficult decision. Here are 5 excellent benefits of breastfeeding:

1. It’s the Perfect Natural Formula For Your Baby

Health experts recommend breastfeeding for babies up to 6 months of age. The nutrients in breast milk is the perfect mix of what your baby needs to survive his or her early years. The natural formula may even change depending on what kind of nutrient your child needs during the first month. Babies get the needed colostrum which comes out of the mother’s breast after childbirth- it’s thick, has an abundance of beneficial compounds and it’s high in protein.

2. It Has Powerful Antibodies

Breast milk provides the much-needed defense your baby will need to fight off bacteria and viruses. This is due to colostrum mothers produce as soon as their child is born. Mothers produce antibodies as they are exposed to bacteria and viruses- these antibodies are passed down via breastfeeding. IgA, or immunoglobulin A forms a layer or protection in your baby’s digestive system, nose and throat. This means your baby will be ready to fight off infections, diarrhea and pneumonia.

3. You Save Precious Time and Money

Breastfeeding is very cost-effective and it’s an excellent way to save time and money when compared to artificial milk formulas. You won’t need to buy expensive formulas and take the time to prepare and warm the bottles. Instead, you can invest in a quality breast pump and a few bottles to store your milk in.

4. Breastfeeding Can Make Your Baby Smarter

The act of breastfeeding is a great bonding time for the mommy and the baby. Incidentally, the brain also benefits from this kind of interaction as well. Studies show how breastfed babies have higher scores and are less likely to exhibit behavior and learning problems as they grow older.

5. Moms Can Benefit Too

Mothers can certainly benefit from breastfeeding their child on two counts. First, they are more likely to lose excess weight as the added energy for breastfeeding is estimated to be about 500 calories per day. The effort of passing life-giving, nutritious milk can keep you on your toes and in shape.

Secondly, moms who breastfeed their babies tend to experience less post-partum depression as compared to others who provide milk formulas for their children. Breastfeeding is shown to cause hormonal changes in line with the bonding and maternal care-giving process, which includes an increased oxytocin production. The increased oxytocin reduces general anxiety and promotes a more relaxed and nurturing state in women.

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